Flowers and a New Skirt

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My sister and I went to the nursery today. I've been avoiding it as "too tempting" until I had an actual reason for going. I went looking for pansies and came home with a bunch of other stuff (plus the pansies) to add colour to our front yard and some veggies to our diet.

The green houses had posters up introducing us to their new "staff" of whom we saw many as we walked around looking at flowers.


We also found this fat, busy guy working his way along the pansy shelf.


I love all those colours.


While we were in such a pretty setting I got Jane to take a few pictures of my new skirt.


This is the Jersey Garden Skirt from Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee (the skirt on the cover). The pattern is a do-it-yourself affair making a custom fit for both you and your fabric. I used an organic cotton that came in a nice brown; it's not quite as stretchy as Meg recommends but still worked really well (and as a bonus it's thicker and doesn't feel so revealing). I decided not to do the reverse applique since I was going for a plain basic but it ended up shorter than felt right (for the record - it ended up exactly the length I'd planned it to be - it just felt like it should be longer once I was wearing it) so I had to improvise.



I'm so glad I made it too short to begin with or I'd never have thought of using the lace and buttons on the bottom of the skirt. I used my pattern piece as a guide to cut a panel five inches deep to overlap the original hem, sewed the side seams and sewed it to my skirt with the raw edge showing at the top. I sewed the lace on over my stitch line and added the buttons over that. I left the bottom edge raw; I like the curling and now it looks more intentional and less lazy.

ps. Planted my carrot seeds. Everything else is waiting for the garden boxes to be built (tomorrow - fingers crossed). I can't wait to eat this stuff.