We go for walks

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We go for a walk just about every day. On weekdays Maisie and I walk home and collect Abby and go out on the trail. A couple of times a week my mum join us and stays for a cup of tea while Maisie has her snack. These pictures are from our walk last Monday. Lovely weather. Warm, not hot. No bugs yet. Still the remains of piles of snow in the shady places under the trees. Pussy willows blooming. Maisie tries to grab my camera. Abby tugs on the leash to get closer to a good smell. Perhaps a squirrel has gone by recently. Most of the lake is still covered in ice but the little ponds around the edges are ice free. There area a few ducks around. Maisie tucks in against my chest. So sweet. Fluffy, summertime clouds. Still, glassy water. Someone's work gloves. I hope they come back for them. Green, growing things starting to emerge. Maisie deciding that she's tired of walking and would much rather have some milk. Soon, sweetness, let's get home first. The muskeg is dull and brown right now but soon it will be covered in tiny white flowers. Abby spots a couple of ducks. The end of the trail is all willows. And a bit of mud. Tea for me when we get home. Maisie has a mandarine orange. She likes the squirrel on my mug.